In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be strictly enforcing SOPs to help ensure the safety of all. There will be SOPs for visitors as well as for all exhibitors and event personnel. These rules are set as at 24 February 2022 and might be updated from time to time.

Rules for Visitors:

Masks are compulsory to be worn at all times. Visitors and Duty Staff will not be allowed to enter the event area without a mask.
Hand sanitiser are provided at the event. Crew will be stationed at the entrance to make sure customers sanitise their hands before entering event area.
Visitors and Duty Staff are required to check body temperature before enter the venue
Event crew will register all customer for contact tracing and check the Covid-19 Vaccination Status which indicate of low-risk status and fully vaccinated (with at least 2 doses of vaccination). Once health check is completed, customers are compulsory to log-in/scan in via App/QR app MySejahtera
All duty staff are required to wear face mask and face shield all the time while in event space
A maximum of 1,000 pax are allowed at a single time in the event area which set by the organiser ( While the venue (SCCC) is able to accommodate 2,000 at a time with social distancing measures in place, we will be adhering to a 1,000 pax limit
Event crew to always remind customers to maintain social distancing of at least 1 meter. This includes seating area
Children aged 12 and below are not encouraged to enter the event area
Senior citizens aged 60 and above are not encouraged to enter the event area
ONLY packed food can be served as recommended by MOH (no buffet). All seating are at least 1 meter apart.
All cars and bikes must be sanitised from time to time i.e. before every new test drive / test ride customer switch or every 1 hour etc. Sanitation on key touch points (steering, buttons, gear lever, seat belt clip, etc)
Sales Advisors to attend to 1 customer + 1 partner at one time
Ambulance and medical teams will be on standby during the event for any medical emergencies

We will also be enforcing SOPs to all exhibitors and event personnel which are on top of and beyond the measures above including COVID-19 compulsory testing with valid certification for any foreign labour.

The exhibition area including all display cars, seating areas and more will be frequently sanitised as well.